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Designing Eight Places in Your Home Can Help You Triple Your Storage Space

2020-02-20  Tags:small drawer storage cabinet,under cabinet pull out storage,tall narrow storage cabinet with drawers,tall wood storage cabinets with drawers

New home renovation, lockers must be installed more, because there are a lot of things in the house, there must be sufficient lockers, store daily necessities in the cabinet, so that a home will not be messy, but many people are renovating the house for the first time, often Forget the following eight places, and design these places to get eight more lockers.

1. Card deck

The restaurant is small; if there is no room for a dining table and chairs, there is no small drawer storage cabinet.

So, for restaurants with small space, we can adapt the design of the car seat, so that it will not occupy the position and have the function of a stool, and at the same time, there will be an extra locker.

2.Bay window

If there is a bay window in the home, and the bottom can be chiseled, then do not leave it empty. Remember to use it. It will be convenient to install a drawer cabinet or under cabinet pull out storage. Store a lot of things.

3. Tatami

Do not put the bed directly because the room is small, because if you put the bed alone, there are no lockers, no place for living things, it is better to install a tatami. Out storage, design some tall narrow storage cabinet with drawers in the wall space, so that there is room for things in the room.


Tall wood storage cabinets with drawers are required for the entrance, living room, and dining room of the house. It is recommended not to use walls as partitions. You can consider using tall wood storage cabinets with drawers.

Making partitions can not only separate the space but also increase the storage space so that the household items in the house can be stored in an orderly manner in the cabinet, which becomes more practical.


If there is built-in space on the wall of the aisle, do not leave it empty. It is more useful to install tall wood storage cabinets with drawers. The storage of a home is essential, because there will be more and more things after living, and you need to have enough storage space to store items.

6. Stairs

Duplex buildings and self-built houses are equipped with stairs, and many people don’t know how to use the area under the stairs and leave it empty. Use it to install a small drawer storage cabinet, which may increase the storage space at home. Alleviate the problem of insufficient storage space in the house, and it is more useful than idle.

7.Balcony cabinets

In addition to the balcony for drying clothes, the wall space can also be used to install tall wood storage cabinets with drawers. Install a stand-alone cabinet with ample storage space and can hold a lot of things. The door panels are simple and generous. Excellent care, both beautiful and practical.

8. Bathroom

The bathroom is not a big space, but good design can make the most of its area. You can make a small drawer storage cabinet above the sink. The office can be used for storage and all the toiletries. This design eliminates the need for additional mirrors, is more convenient and practical, and makes the entire space look cleaner. 

Many people do not know how to use the above eight places and waste this space in vain. If you are planning to renovate, you must store it for reference. After all, multiple cabinets are more practical than fewer cabinets.