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What affects the price of tin cabinets

2020-01-27  Tags:a cabinet of iron leather,the cabinet of western-style ambry drawer, the cabinet of storage organizer, office drawer that takes the wheel to wait

When buying a cabinet of iron leather, a lot of people express very cannot understand why the price of the office of a tin of the same exterior size can differ so much? In fact, this is not difficult to understand, just like when you shop online to see many stores clearly sell the same style of clothing, the price will be so much different, this of course and product details, with materials, technology, brand benefits caused by the cost is not enough to lead to the price difference. The same is true of the iron leather ark; iron leather ark also includes a lot of types, for example, the cabinet of western-style ambry drawer, the cabinet of storage organizer, office drawer that takes the wheel to wait and so on.

The price of an iron leather cabinet is decided by all sorts of factors; commonly, the change of any one element can affect the price change of the product. To iron leather ark, have no regular price; For purchasing personnel, only master the factors that affect the price change of iron leather cabinet, in order to better buy suitable for their own iron leather cabinet. As the manufacturer that concentrates on producing iron leather ark, from oneself experience will share with you the factor that affects iron leather ark has what, expect you can buy the iron leather ark that price, quality accords with oneself requirement.

1. The effect of cost on a price

We know, the cabinet of iron skin, as its name suggests is the cabinet that sheet iron makes, its raw material is a steel plate. And the quality of the steel plate not only decided the quality of the iron leather cabinet but also determined the price of the iron leather cabinet. The amount of the high-grade steel plate and inferior steel plate will not differ too much. Still, there is a lot of difference in quality, so it is not necessary to save so a little money to buy inferior when buying a cabinet of iron leather.

2.The effect of labor on prices

With the continuous development of material society, the wages of the labor force are also rising. Labor, because the cost of its work has increased, is willing to work only if it earns more than the price of its work. Ironclad manufacturers, on the other hand, are only ready to hire workers if the marginal value they can create is higher than the wage they need to pay. Come so, the cost of the labor force increased, which can cause the price of the finished product of the cabinet of iron leather to rise inevitably.

3.The effect of competition between competitors on prices

This aspect is relatively difficult to grasp because it is not as real as the impact of cost and labor; competition between competitors is a relatively nihilistic thing. If it is healthy competition, so the price of iron cabinet products will fall; And if it is a vicious competition, it is easy to cause the disorder of market prices.

4.The effect of the manufacturer's profit on the price

Leather cabinet manufacturers are not charitable organizations, but also need to make a profit, so as to feed employees, to obtain the long-term development of the enterprise. If the manufacturer's advantage is too low, then the price will undoubtedly rise to receive relatively large profit space; If the manufacturer's profit margin itself is already significant, then in order to increase customer viscosity will be appropriate to reduce the price.

Either way, the price of any product is fraught with some uncertainty. For the consumer, want to seize the opportunity, if one needs to buy an ark of iron leather, so be in after choosing good manufacturer trades as soon as possible, such ability guarantees the stability of the price.

The price of the iron sheet filing cabinet is high or low. What is more intuitive is the thickness of the steel plate, that is, whether the file cabinet USES the thick plate above 0.6mm. No doubt, of course, the dish about thick about robust, the higher the cost.

Will tell; next, the procurement of high-grade sheet metal filing cabinet still needs to see what kind of material to use, not only, at the same time the area that details to each plank.

The iron sheet filing cabinet will be split, the board, hardware, clapboard and backboard, and other related accessories are all separated to calculate the area and unit price, the final addition will get the specific actual area, finally following the cost of the market plate to calculate the price of the particular material object.

The price of a few regular good tin file cabinet is in 700 yuan above commonly, brand and custom-made depending on the circumstance differ fluctuate somewhat. Metal filing cabinets are numerous, the kinds of ordinary instrument cabinet, on the market data, fission cabinets, filing cabinets, proof cabinets, etc., different process, material selection, etc. Will raise the price of metal filing cabinets, such as: increasing the metal cabinet more expensive than ordinary 150 ~ 200 yuan, colored metal cabinet more costly than usual 100 yuan, can tear open outfit more costly than not tear-free gear of 50-100 yuan, if you need to customize particular specifications of the filing cabinet, prices are generally higher. At present, the manufacturer that has actual strength is in custom-made iron sheet furniture respect is to come according to this kind of spread area valuation.

Compared with the traditional wooden file cabinet, the tin file cabinet has significant advantages in fire resistance, fastness, and environmental protection. The iron sheet filing cabinet is made of high-quality cold-binding steel plate pressed, and its surface is coated with electro galvanization, hot-dip zinc, powder electrostatic spraying, and then sprayed with epoxy resin after phosphating treatment, thus forming a high hardness and durable chromaticity, so that it will not be ordinary impact on the external paint fall off or cause surface to sag. So that the filing cabinet is often new, coupled with the pure atmosphere of the linear design of the more iron office even with a long time, is absolutely not behind The Times. At the same time, the iron sheet cabinet non-toxic tasteless, so that users use safer environmental protection. The tin file cabinet series is generally light, economical and straightforward mobile storage equipment.