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The smart design of kitchen cabinet drawers can save you a lot of space

2019-12-05  Tags:

The installation of drawers in kitchen cabinets can expand the kitchen storage space and meet the storage needs of kitchen debris. It is an indispensable part of modern kitchen cabinets. Functional custom drawers design makes the kitchen neat and beautiful. What is the size of the kitchen cabinets with drawers? If you are not clear about this, find out.

1.Kitchen cabinet drawers size design

The kitchen cabinet drawers greatly enhance the storage capacity of the cabinet. The size of the drawer is controlled within 30-100cm, which requires the use of invisible slides or damping. If the drawer size is a small drawer of 30-70cm, then the kitchen cabinet drawers can use ordinary three-section slides.

The relationship between the size of the drawer and the size of the overall cabinet is always proportional to their mathematical relationship, but this only applies to the length of the whole assembly. Generally, the longer the period of the overall cabinet itself, the larger the number of global kitchen cabinet drawers. It will be bigger. However, the width of the committee is fixed. If the cabinet is changed, the committee itself will be pure and unclean.

Depending on the shape of the U-shaped cabinet, the L-shaped cabinet, and the I-shaped cabinet, the sizes of the drawers on the same set of councils are not all equal. The size of the U-shaped cabinet drawers may be relatively larger. The fineness of different style cabinets may be more particular. The size of the L-type cabinet drawers and the shape of the font are unchanged. The arrangement with the U-shaped cabinet drawers is the same, and the height of the drawer itself is the same.

The size of the same set of cabinet drawers is also different. Most of the cabinet drawers use two small and one large or two large and one short combination. They are divided into the central drawer and the second drawer. The central drawer is relatively large. Put some commonly used large items. The secondary drawer can store large but small pieces. Of course, there are also some cabinets to install drawer combinations according to their actual conditions and different design styles.


2. Change skirting boards to a row of cabinet drawers

Traditional skirting boards can only play a role in blocking water and dust. They are relatively functional, but the aesthetics are not high, and it is a pity to waste such an ample space!

Many families in foreign countries deliberately let workers surround the bottom of the cabinet for a week and make a row of small custom drawers close to the floor. Although the height is only about 20 cm, they make full use of every inch of the kitchen, which is both hidden and practical! Suddenly a lot of storage space.

By changing the skirting boards to a row of custom drawers, the overall design of the kitchen is also stronger. Usually, you can store some drinks, which saves money on the wine cabinet. It can also store some kitchen utensils, providing cleanliness and detail of storage.

If you have pets at home, you can place a rice bowl and give your pets a dining area. You can also put your child's favorite paintings and toys. Such a deep drawer is also convenient for children to take at any time.

In the end, no matter what kind of design, it should be people-oriented, that is, it should be convenient for residents. If you deviate from reality, even if the plan is more beautiful and fancy, it is not desirable.