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The Popular Design Of Drawer Cabinet Storage

2019-12-11  Tags:

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the aesthetic level of the home has also improved a lot. Compared with a dozen years ago, today's decoration style has undergone tremendous changes. What's the popular styles of today's drawer cabinets? What is the design types?


Stand upright style

In the past, cabinets were rarely made to stand upright, and the top positions were generally left blank and blank to meet basic living needs. If you want to make a high drawer cabinet, let the master carpenter make another row of lockers on top of the ordinary cabinet.


Today's drawer cabinets are basically made to stand upright, wardrobes, TV cabinets, balcony cabinets, porch cabinets are all "one cabinet to the top", almost all places can be made up to stand upright, whether it is storage space or color The value has increased a lot compared to before.


However, we should note that although the drawer cabinets are now popularly built, but the drawer cabinet storage are too tall and too large, the load will be limited, and the risk of deformation will increase. If you want to build a ceiling cabinet, it is recommended to know whether the technology of the custom manufacturer passes the customs before the customization, and whether straighteners and steel pipes will be added to the door panel.



In-wall drawer cabinet storage

The previous cabinets liked to be exposed directly, and the corner cabinets with radians were made at the corners, on the one hand to increase safety, and on the other hand, because the previous aesthetics felt so beautiful.


Now people make cabinets, and they like to hide the cabinets in the wall. This can prevent the cabinet from appearing unobtrusive, increase the fluidity of the space, and make the space look lighter. On the other hand, built-in cabinets in the wall can make full use of the wall surface area in the home space and save space.


However, we should note that the key to the built-in cabinet still has a wall. If the wall in the house is a load-bearing wall, it cannot be removed or transformed into an embedded cabinet. You can try to build a fake wall, or use the protruding pillars inside the user to flatten the cabinet. Generally, the depth of the built-in cabinet is only 60cm.


Colour of drawer cabinet storage

More than ten years ago, the color of the cabinet was very "tide", such as bright green, pink, crimson, yellow, and so on. Various bright and old-fashioned colors were mixed and matched, highlighting the "strange aesthetics" of more than ten years ago.


Looking at it now, the color of this kind of cabinet really makes people "Dare to look directly". Today's cabinets basically advocate a "simple" style, leaning on simple classics. Log colors, white, gray, etc. are all mainstream. Wood colors are more natural, with a Japanese-style feel. White is simple, modern, and gray color is advanced, North European, with high value.



Damper, Catapult, Stealth Handle of drawer cabinet storage

In the previous drawer cabinets, there were not too many things that were garbled. There were handles on the door panels and drawers of the cabinets. If you want to open the cabinet doors and drawers, it is straightforward and simple. When closing the door, it was also very straightforward. With a strong shake, the door and drawer were closed. Therefore, the surface of the cabinet often looks messy and unattractive.


Today's drawer cabinets, people like to do "invisible design". In addition to being embedded in the wall, even the door handle is also designed as "invisible". The door is slotted on the edge of the door and the door is also used as a handle.


Even the door handle is not needed. Adding a catapult behind the door panel, the door is opened and closed by pressing, it looks more simple and advanced.


In addition, when the door panel is opened and closed, a damper can also be added to the hardware hinge to play a buffer role when the door panel is opened and closed, reducing noise.


However, one thing you need to pay attention to is that although it is a good design to add a catapult behind the door panel, the service life of the spring is about two years. It is recommended that you do a hidden handle.


Are the drawer cabinets in your house still in the 90's? I suggest you to change it. These designs are popular in today's drawer cabinets, which are not only more practical, but also improve the appearance of your home and make your home more advanced.