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The maintenance of wooden cabinet with drawers

2019-12-06  Tags:small wooden cabinet with drawers,wooden cabinet with drawers

Wooden cabinet occupies a large proportion of household furniture and office furniture, and when it comes to storage, cabinets and drawers are essential. Today we will look at the maintenance of wooden cabinet with drawers.

The promotion of life quality urges people to be in when buying furniture, and more can choose the furniture that environmental protection pledges preferentially, and environmental protection performance is taller when correct wood furniture. In autumn and winter, the climate is relatively dry. For wooden cabinet with drawers, such dry weather will accelerate aging and shorten their service life. Once they are not properly maintained, it is easy to cause deformation, cracking and other problems

Maintenance is essential!

First of all, whether cracks will appear in a wooden cabinet with drawers is closely related to indoor air humidity, which is the key to furniture maintenance. In Autumn and winter season should shorten the time that opens a window as far as possible, increase humidity appropriately indoor, generally speaking, the humidity control of the room is controlled in 50% or so to the maintenance of furniture can be more advantageous.

Writer warmly reminds everyone: humidification should also be moderate. Usually, you can use a humidifier to humidify the room. You can also place a basin of water or put more plants that are good for indoor moisture retention, increase indoor humidity, and prevent furniture from cracking due to drying. Note that the distance between the furniture and the furniture should not be too close to avoid excessive moisture absorption of the wood, which will cause mold and cracking problems.

Since the surface of the wooden cabinet with drawers will have a layer of varnish, it will fade after being exposed to sunlight, the material becomes very crisp, and even a slight touch will be damaged. The metal accessories will also undergo oxidant deterioration, so in the autumn and winter seasons, It is recommended to replace heavy cloth curtains to reduce the drying speed and reduce the sunlight exposure of indoor furniture to protect the furniture.

Dust is everywhere. For small wooden cabinet with drawers, the soil is the number one killer, and as time goes by, dust will accumulate more and more. Hurry up before the dust has taken root on the surface of solid wood furniture. Clean up regularly! The best way is to use a cotton cloth to wet the water and wipe it along the grain of the wood. Cleaning the wet cotton cloth will not cause damage to the solid wood furniture, and it can also achieve a good dust absorption effect.

Besides, you can also use professional wooden furniture cleaners and furniture maintenance essential oils, which can help remove pollutants from the air contaminated on the furniture, prevent the deformation of the furniture, and extend its service life.

Furniture is actually the same as people, and it will gradually age over time, so we must take good care of it to increase its service life.