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The Advantages of CBNT Steel Cabinet

2022-03-07  Tags:steel filing cabinet, steel cabinet, metal locker, steel file cabinet

With the rapid development of the office furniture industry, a variety of materials and styles of products emerge in endlessly. However, no matter how to change, steel furniture still occupies a place. Simple and efficient modeling is suitable for all kinds of style space, green and environmental protection materials are far away from formaldehyde, and relatively low price is very cost-effective.


Stable and Durable

The first essence of furniture is to be strong, office furniture is generally not easy to change, stable and durability are the foundation of everything. From the structure, steel furniture is based on spot welding and argon welding, each part into a whole, not easy to deformation, maintenance rate is also very low. It should be noted that the thickness of the steel plate must be up to standard. The thin steel plate has poor support force and is easy to be deformed by an external force.



Long service time

Steel furniture commonly used cold-rolled steel sheet suppression and become powder electrostatic spraying zero - formaldehyde, with high hardness and strong color, make it not due to normal impact than paint falls off or on the surface of the sag, so commonly used fresh, contracted, and fashionable atmosphere of linear design more obsolescent not easily made, furniture also can easily match with other material, show good aesthetic taste.


Environmental Health

Environmental protection is closely related to everyone's living environment, no matter which industry should put the user's health in the first place, steel furniture raw material is steel, using electrostatic spraying, from the root to eliminate the harm of formaldehyde.


High Space Utilization

Steel plates are thinner than other materials, so they have significant advantages both in saving external space and in making full use of internal space. As a lightweight, simple, and economical mobile storage device, steel furniture can reduce the use of the site with greater storage efficiency and save rent.




Secondary Recycling

Reuse can save resources, waste into treasure, at this stage can be reused is paper and plastic and steel, and steel office furniture can be used twice, it can be forged in the fire rebirth, re-manufacture, and use.