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Steel Safes, more a sense of security

2022-06-09  Tags:Steel Safes, Office safes, Mini safes

The accounting office, the boss room, and home storage have it, more secure, today to bring us the CBNT safe series.


No.1 Home Safes:

Size small, color variety, meet your home safe storage requirements:

Products Size: W230*D170*H170mm

Packing Size: W270*D230*H230mm


Product features:

1. High-quality electronic trick lock, mistyped 3 times, automatic locking for 5 minutes.

2. Ming solid plating steel locks, the anti-theft coefficient is higher.

3. Configuration of the bolt hole, can be fixed on the wall or floor.

4. At the top of the hole/closed two designs

5. AA1.5V battery, low battery warning Powder coated by anti-rust, anti-corrosion surface treatment, more durable


CBNT-45#Product size: H450mm* D320* W390mm

Product features:

1. Material: Q235 carbon structural steel standard

2. Color: Beige/ Copper

3. Function: 3 times wrong words. If the rap beat vibration, the alarm automatically

4. Open method: electronic password + main key/main key + master key

5. Lock core: solid bold, three locks on three sides


No.2 Office Safes:

Size diversity, Higher security

Products Size:

CBNT-60# W410*D350*H600mm

CBNT-70# W430*D380*H700mm

CBNT-80# W480*D400*H800mm

CBNT-100# W550*D440*H1000mm

CBNT-120# W600*D490*H1200mm

CBNT-150# W650*D560*H1500mm


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