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Steel House Furniture

2022-11-16  Tags:metal bookshelf, steel filing cabinet, steel cupboard, metal locker, steel file cabinet

Steel House Furniture

Shelf series: simple fashion appearance, easy to set up and easy to install, SGS load-bearing test 400KG, strong and stable, the shelf boards can be adjusted.

Bookshelf series: children's sliding door picture book cabinet, rotating bookshelf, open door bookcase, electrostatic powder spraying technology, various colors, 0 formaldehyde, health, and environmental protection.

Printing cabinet series: not easy to fade color and discoloration, with various styles, large storage capacity, moisture-proof and anti-rust, widely applicable space.

Stand cabinet series: stand simple design, fashionable and versatile, easy to clean, diverse colors, separated storage, suitable for living room, dining room, balcony, and other areas, electrostatic powder spraying, health, and environmental protection.






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