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Steel Drawer Storage Box For Desk And Living Room

2022-08-19  Tags:steel drawer storage, metal drawer storage box, steel drawer case, drawer box, makeup organizer

Steel Drawer Storage Box For Desk&Living Room


01 Research and development design/continuous improvement

Product Features:

① Steel plate materials, durable;

② Electrostatic powder spraying technology, 0 formaldehyde, health and environmental protection, matte powder, smooth powder, texture;

(3) High-quality accessories: metal handle, anti-wear mat, detail control Gospel;

④ OEM size with several layers can be freely collocation splicing;

⑤ Assembled structure, delivery fast.


02 Product packing/tight and firmly packed delivery

Regarding packaging, we have made continuous improvements according to product characteristics:

In order to reduce the damage of the products in the process of transportation, we have improved the quality of packaging materials after several tests of the six-sided box falling: 8 plastic Angle protectors, six sides of foam board, foam paper winding, although the product is small, the quality is high, fully reflects the company's strict control of product quality and details, high requirements.