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School Furniture Metal Locker Cabinet Staff Locker

2024-02-20  Tags:School Furniture, Metal Locker Cabinet, Staff Locker

Steel Cabinet Locker Series

Application scope: office, school, hospital, gym...

· Waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion-resistant.
· Accept OEM&ODM
· Skillful workmanship, green product, environmental-friendly
· Sturdy construction, wear resistance, high load-bearing.
· Easy to install, clean, and maintain


· Customized, we can customize personalized products according to your needs such as colors, handles, and locks.
· Disassembly structure, easy to assemble filing cabinet, only 10 minutes for skilled workers to assemble.
· Choose carefully 2 locks from Wangtong and Cyber Lock for you to choose. The workmanship is fine and the quality is reliable. You can directly change the lock core.

· Comfortable rust-proof handle, not hurting hands, environmental protection.
· The partition is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, which is thickened and has a strong bearing capacity. The height can be adjusted as needed to store various items.
· Have a large capacity, and can withstand heavy-weight items without deformation.

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