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Part 1- Which products do you want to take it home?

2022-06-27  Tags:steel filing cabinet, steel cabinet, metal locker, steel file cabinet

01 Children's picture book cabinet/first choice for healthy and environmentally friendly babies

-Mobile cupboard door design, quite smooth, easy to store.

-Layer board height can be adjusted, easier to create different spaces.

-Brand board materials, bearing ability is strong, not easy to deformation.

-Electrostatic powder coating technology, color bright, 0 methanal, healthy environmental protection



02 Shelving/large storage for home

-Contracted and fashionable appearance, easy to set easy to install.

-SGS bearing test of 400 kg firm is out of shape not easily.

-Diversity of size, layer board height-adjustable, meet your kitchen, laundry room, balcony, storage room more space to use.

-Double columns, more beautiful, installation of the high-quality mat.

-Spraying powder evenly, smooth



03 RAL color stand foot storage cabinet/simple fashion items

-Stand feet are contracted to design, fashionable, and easy to clean.

-Color diversity, separate storage.

-Home furniture is suitable for the sitting room, dining room, balcony, etc.

-Electrostatic powder spraying, healthy environmental protection, useful



04 Printing storage cabinet/storage good helper

-High-quality printing equipment, design clarity, not fade.

-Functional storage, suitable for kinds of situations.

-Within several layers, height can be adjusted.

-High quality, strictly control the details of quality