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Office Drawers Make The Office Decoration Tall

2019-12-10  Tags:Office Drawers

In the office decoration, many companies transformed empty walls into large storage spaces, and some companies placed lockers directly next to the walls, which would not affect the large and bright office. Today I recommend the system cabinet & screen series of general file cabinets & steel cabinets. In the office decoration, different styles of cabinets can be placed according to different decoration spaces and latitudes. The office decoration knowledge is appropriately used to make the working area instantly tall.

Office drawers:

The office drawer cabinet has a robust data collection function. Whether in the supervisor space or other office space, it can solve the storage problem of data and items and ensure the simplicity of the area. The movable shelf of the drawer cabinet can be adjusted up and down to meet different storage requirements. Most company employees are troubled by the lack of personal debris. In the office decoration design, the filing cabinet can divide part of the area at the same time as the company documents are placed to place personal items for employees, which improves the overall visual cleanliness of the office.

The office drawer cabinet can quickly realize multiple modules and freely combine various splicing methods. There are glass doors on the upper floor and full-panel doors to choose from. There are two options for bucket and door opening on the lower deck. Neatness and convenience are combined.

System cabinet: The system cabinet is equipped with a full set of system keys, with a key to replace the lock cylinder and a universal key that can open the upper lock cylinder.

In the office decoration, the middle cabinet with a height of 1155mm is mostly used for open large staff spaces because of its height suitable for writing and space.

Its specific functions and strengths are:

1. Frameless glass door

2. Cabinet height adjustment on the floor;

3. Two-drawing cabinet A4 file hanging folder function;

4.9mm ultra-thin edge type;

5. Movable shelf

6. Profile white handle

7. System lock

8. Adjustment feet

9. No sliding door slot at the bottom of the cabinet

The cabinet provides a variety of door opening forms, which can meet various office hobbies in the office decoration. Large door cabinets, rolling door cabinets, double sliding door cabinets, glass door cabinets, drawer cabinets, door cabinets, and different door opening methods for various office spaces;

The central committee has different thickness options. The thin cabinet is suitable for placing against the wall, and the thick cabinet is ideal as a partition to help divide the working space. Operability and adjustability are very strong.

Use of Optimized Storage Space The screen universal file cabinet series as a flexible and space-saving storage solution makes the modern office environment seem orderly. It has a variety of sizes, styles, and optional features (such as open shelves, horizontal file cabinets, roller shutter doors) to meet different storage needs and aesthetic designs.

Diversified storage of personal belongings and document classification and storage. The screen filing cabinet series is equipped with multiple storage cabinet systems for independent office space, which is divided into double doors and single door cabinets. Large storage cabinets with open doors provide ample storage space, and adjustable shelves offer convenient storage for large and small items — Mobile configuration for easy access. The screen universal file series adds storage mobility to the three-dimensional space management of the screen system, creates office space allocated on demand for mobile office employees, loads removable casters, and divides them under the office table to save space, and can also be used as additional Office countertop use. Taking into account this detail, the office decoration can provide employees with rest convenience and benefits during lunch breaks, and the trouble of "no sleep at noon, running in the afternoon" is solved.

Metal Drawer Cabinet:

The metal drawer cabinet reflects the power of the system in the office decoration. The specific points are as follows:

1. Specifications are neatly arranged, and office space planning is easy and straightforward.

2. Rich product models and combinations provide robust storage and filing systems.

3. The under-table cabinet and the compound push cabinet setting are carefully combined with the workstation, offering more design options.

4. Two patented rolling door cabinet designs provide more cost-effective, innovative products.

5. Ingenious detail design provides users with an excellent experience.

6. Selection of top-grade cold-rolled steel plate, a bare plate thickness of 0.7mm, with high-quality hardware accessories, passed the BIFAMA test, to provide an extra layer of protection and longer service life.

7. Phosphor-free environmental protection electrostatic dusting surface coating, the product is more textured, and the office life is more quality.

8. The drawer comes with a standard pen tray, which keeps the small objects in mind.