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Best Sale Metal Storage Shelves

2022-07-19  Tags:metal storage shelves, steel shelf, strong bearing shelf

Best Sale Metal Storage Shelves


01 Family Storage

CBNT balcony cabinets, storage cabinets, let your space make full use of.

Can according to your balcony dimension and store content demand, the balcony that chooses different quantities and heights stores the goods. The metal storage is durable, space big, and with fashionable style.



02 Post Station Storage


For post stations, goods stations, and other express pick-up stations with a large number of parcels every day, CBNT recommends metal shelves to you.

For the small area of the express site, you can use a metal shelf. It’s passed the SGS single-layer 400KG bearing test. Various sizes are available.


For express delivery sites that often receive large items, you can choose heavy shelves also.

Scientific and orderly express storage, not only can protect the express from being squeezed but also can improve the efficiency of picking up, let’s storage easily!



03 Transfer Warehouse Storage


Facing the logistics transfer stations with a large number of express delivery every day, CBNT recommends our intelligent warehousing system to you.

This is a very useful system, for the factory warehouse for scientific storage, orderly placement, and convenient access.