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How To Make Full Use Of Kitchen Drawer Pull Out Shelves

2020-01-28  Tags:Kitchen Drawer Pull Out Shelves,storage baskets

At present, most of the kitchen drawer pull out shelves designs on the market are deep and tall, but it is challenging to use the space inside effectively, and it will be challenging to take out the contents, which will be forgotten for a long time.

A scene that often appears in the closet is that although the clothes are neatly stacked together, it is difficult to find them each time you want to wear them, and it is easy to mess up after rummaging a few times completely.

At this time, a complete set of storage baskets is handy.

First of all, it looks immaculate and beautiful. More importantly, it can divide the overall space into small pieces, and put different types of clothes in each basket, such as trousers, shorts, short sleeves, and underwear , Socks, clear, and easy to store and organize and find.

It is important to note that the kitchen drawer pull out shelves must be selected with its handle, which will be convenient to take out the whole or choose clothes.

1. Chest of drawers

Children grow up quickly, and custom-made children's furniture is expensive and has a limited period of use. Hence, a cost-effective option is to put small drawer cabinets in normal-sized cabinets.

The children are tiny, and of course, their clothes are also charming mini models. When the children are young, put a set of drawers in their closets (don't forget to fix them on the wall, so Prevent children from rumbling and getting hurt by the cabinet).

This will maximize the use of the entire cabinet and make it easier for children to find pants, socks, and t-shirts. You can remove this set of drawers when the child grows up, and the wardrobe can still hold adult-sized clothes.

2. Smart use of shelves

In the kitchen drawer pull out shelves, if many dishes of different sizes, shapes, and weights are stacked together, a "landslide" will quickly occur. However, if they are not stacked, at least half of the space in the cabinet will be wasted.

At this time, you need such a shelf to store some bulky items, such as enamel pots or cans. This way, they can be easily seen, making it easier to remove items and make more efficient use of space.

3. Leave a small corner for the ironing board

If you have a full cupboard in your kitchen, bedroom, or another area, you can find such a small compartment in your closet for ironing boards.

This should prevent the debris around you from collapsing like a domino every time you take out the ironing board, and prevent it from falling into the dust and wasting extra time for maintenance.

4. Divide space

It is very troublesome to store some great tools in the kitchen, such as cutting boards, baking trays, biscuit molds, and steam drawers in the cabinet.

If lying on top of each other, it is easy to mold. Put it upright and waste space on the upper floor. If you stack them neatly with a simple quarter splitter, you don't have to be careful the next time you take it, it is very convenient, and you can make full use of all the space.

5. The mirror behind the cabinet door

A dressing mirror that can hold the whole body is enormous. If you don't have enough space to fit a complete mirror, you can hang one inside the wardrobe door.

If you add some interior lighting, you have your mini dressing room for more accessible storage.

6. Put the hook in the cabinet door

Sticking or screwing several hooks on the inside of the door is a straightforward and useful way to store.

This can provide extra storage space for lightweight items, or hang a canvas bag on a clothes hook, which can store a lot of small and odd pieces, which not only uses the unused space but also avoids small items hanging on the bright surface to make it home doesn't look very ordered.

7. Moving frame

Such a movable rack can be installed under the sink or in the cupboard, and a row of hooks on it can skillfully solve the storage problem of the pot (must consider the load-bearing problem).

This can avoid water and rust in the pot, and it is also convenient to quickly find the one you want to use, and return it when not in use, clean and tidy.

If the state of the room can reflect the psychological state of everyone to a certain extent, then organizing the room should be a ritual of purifying the soul.

By changing the season, give yourself a fresh start, throw away unwanted debris, and give yourself space to breathe deeply. Live a good life with a refined attitude.