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Four Points Help You to Design Metal Drawers for Kitchen Cabinets

2020-01-29  Tags:metal drawers for kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets, metal drawers

The kitchen is the most severely affected area for storage. The large number, small size, irregular shape, dirty environment, and various unfavorable factors make the kitchen messy every few days.


The storage method is important, but the storage tools should not be underestimated. As the most important storage tool in the kitchen, cabinets require our special care when choosing and designing. Today we will talk about some suggestions on design of metal drawers for kitchen cabients.


1.Floor cabinet classification should be accurate

The floor cabinet is the most used storage space in the kitchen. Things placed in the floor cabinet will not be used too low. Therefore, this requires us to pay attention to the convenience of handling when making a floor cabinet.



We've all had this experience-the cabinet was originally neat and tidy, and suddenly a debris (such as a pot) was pulled out from the bottom. This is because the sorting and storage is not done properly, and various kinds of sundries are put together, when you take one item, it affects the placement of other items.


The partition in the base cabinet should be fine, so fine that it can be divided according to the type of food (food, cookware, tableware), shape (large, small, irregular) and so on. This makes it more convenient whether it is placed or retrieved.


2.Various metal shelves occupy the limited space

The most lazy storage solution is to use a variety of metal shelves-a pull basket here, a bowl rack there. But at the same time, metal shelves are also the most occupying.


When the shelf is fixed in the cabinet, the requirements for the support method, the fixing method and the thickness of the shelf are very high. At the same time, metal shelves are often clearly classified and simple to place. From another perspective, this feature is that the display is not dense enough.


3.Metal drawers for kitchen cabinets are useful

Design multiple compartments with wood chips according to the depth of the drawer, and determine the partitions according to the size and width of various tableware, so that each small tableware has a specially arranged accommodation. This design, whether it is a usual storage, or taking it in a hurry has brought inconceivable convenience to the family.



It is best to design an ultra-thin drawer under the countertop, which is very convenient to use. You can choose the drawer that comes with cutlery storage, or you can buy the storage compartment according to the size of the metal drawers for kitchen cabinets.


4.Wall cabinet only makes a partition

The requirements of wall cabinets and floor cabinets are exactly the opposite. It does not need to be classified too carefully. It is enough to make a partition in the middle and divide the cabinet into two.


The height of the wall cabinet is too high, it is more difficult to use, and it has no mood to classify it. What's more, the items placed in the cabinet are used very infrequently, even if they are piled up, it's not a big deal—it's a big deal to pick them up again without taking them once, anyway, the number of times to take things is limited.


There are many styles of cabinet drawers, which are more beautiful than pull baskets, and have a lot of delicate carvings to better decorate the cabinet. If you have high requirements for the aesthetics of your kitchen, you can choose a metal drawers for kitchen cabinets.