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Drawer Type Storage Box Can Make Your Bedroom and Living Room More Tidy

2020-01-30  Tags:prefab drawers,short cabinet with drawers,drawer type storage box

The closet is an area with a high utilization rate in the home. We have said many times about the way to organize the closet. In addition to putting the clothes that are often worn in the season in the golden area of the closet, it is essential to use the correct storage tools-drawer type storage box.

The Drawer type storage box can make full use of the space at the bottom of the closet. It is more flexible than a fixed drawer and easy to access because it is thinner and has a larger storage capacity than a wooden drawer.

Besides, trouser storage is also a problem for wardrobe storage. It is recommended to use a pull-out trouser rack + Z-shaped hanger combination. Frequently worn trousers are placed on the front and infrequently on the back to increase the convenience of handling.

Some large bedroom items that change seasons, such as bedsheets and thick blankets, can be stored on the top of the wardrobe through large cloth storage boxes, which are not usually used. The same is true for quilts, etc. Try to place them on the high side of the closet without occupying common space.

Because of the large amount of clothing, storage becomes a science. There are various storage methods, such as creating a large wardrobe, but they will inevitably occupy the space of the room. How to use the area under the bed is another very good.

Side storage of the bed

The side of the bed is made of the small cabinet with drawers, suitable for small items, easy to handle, and not easy to accumulate dust.

The open design on the side makes the items clear and easy to pick up.

Or even more exaggerated, the bed is raised by about 1 meter to make a large locker, which can be used as a cloakroom.

Use the cabinet as a cabinet door, and even decorate and embellish the space while storing items.

Bedside storage

If there is not enough room on the side of the room, you can make narrow depth drawers at the end of the bed. The result is a half-slope storage cabinet, where even shoes can be stored.

Three-sided storage

Prefab drawers are beautifully designed, and books can be placed where there are no cabinet doors. Raising the side of the bed and the end of the foundation not only plays a protective role but also increases more storage space.

Tatami and bed combined storage

Under the bed can be made into a tatami shape, and a partition is installed in the middle to divide the area so that the location of different types of items is clearly visible. However, this kind of opening is not very convenient, so it is better to store some infrequently used items or seasonal items.

Tool cabinet on the side of the living room cabinet

If the living room TV background wall uses ceiling cabinets for storage, not only can the storage capacity of the home be expanded by N times, but the space on one side can also be used as a tool cabinet.

Customizing a hole plate in the cabinet makes it easier to hang various cleaning brushes on the wall, including great cleaning tools such as Dyson, and the cabinet door is instantly refreshed when closed. The storage cabinet has a short cleaning line for cleaning and sanitation in the living room and does not allow cleaning tools to be scattered around the house. The utilization rate is high and practical.