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Dimensions and installation methods of drawer lockers

2020-01-07  Tags:drawer lockers

Drawer lockers are a common storage appliance. There are quite a few types of this product on the market.Not only are the materials very diverse, but the styles of drawer lockers are also very diverse. . Compared with other storage products, the biggest advantage of drawer lockers is that it is quite convenient to access things. The following editors will introduce to you what are the advantages of drawer storage cabinets, as well as what are the dimensions of drawer storage cabinets.

Advantages of drawer lockers

Drawer-type storage cabinet storage cabinet greatly expands the storage space of the home. The storage cabinet locker itself can provide the convenience of placing items in a home with insufficient space.Compared with ordinary storage cabinet lockers, the drawer type storage cabinet locker contains drawers, allowing you to place more space for items. Placement is also more organized.


Design of drawer lockers

The drawer cabinet is a special design in the storage cabinet and locker.It is relatively light and flexible. The entire cabinet is composed of one or more drawers side by side. It is used in a push-pull or push-open manner, which takes up little space, but has a storage capacity. Very powerful, can be used as a bedside table, storage cabinet, sideboard in the home, and can store small objects


Select the size of the drawer locker

Drawer cabinets are mainly used as auxiliary storage cabinets for placing items daily. Therefore, when selecting a drawer-type storage cabinet, you must make a size decision based on the space in your home and the size of the corresponding items. It is not easy to be too large or too small.


Classification of drawer lockers

Drawer-type storage cabinets can be divided into single-layer drawer cabinets, double-layer drawer cabinets, and three-layer or even multi-layer drawer cabinets. The number of layers can be added as required. Styles include modern style, Korean style, European style, simple European style, classic style, Chinese style, etc., different furniture decoration should be matched with different styles of drawer storage cabinets and lockers.

Installation method of drawer type locker

1. Items to be prepared include drawers, cloth larger than the inside of the drawers, dyes, copybooks, transparent glue, sponges, brushes, pastes, electric drills, rollers, dyes. Then, at the bottom of the drawer, use a paste to glue the floral cloth tightly to prevent the sawdust from scratching the family.

2. Use a sponge to absorb the dye, and stain the drawer back and forth in the same way as the stain is removed. At the joint between the board and the board, it is difficult to dye the color, so we must use the edge of the sponge to carefully color it. After dyeing the drawer, you can install rollers at the four corners of the bottom.

3. Because the drawer has wheels, it can move freely and facilitate daily life. Putting the drawer-type storage cabinet under the bed can make better use of the space under the bed, and at the same time can put the items that need to be stored under the bed in an orderly manner.