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CBNT Won the Title of "Luoyang Advanced Foreign Trade Work Unit"

2021-12-20  Tags:steel filing cabinet, steel cabinet, metal locker, steel file cabinet

On the morning of December 16, 2021, the general Meeting of Luoyang Import and Export Enterprises Association was held in the conference hall of Zhenghe Hotel.


Luoyang Import and Export Enterprise Association was established in January 2007, is by the city's foreign trade enterprises, enterprises, and institutions related to foreign trade business and individuals interested in foreign trade enterprise voluntary formation of the city's non-profit social groups. The association is committed to building a bridge between Luoyang foreign trade enterprises and the government, promoting the communication and cooperation between enterprises, and promoting the development and prosperity of Luoyang import and export business.


Hou Jianjun, president of the association, emphasized the task of the new association from four aspects in his speech: first, to strengthen the team building and maintain the vitality of the association; Second, strengthen work innovation, build various platforms, improve the attractiveness of the association; Third, strengthen cooperation and exchange, improve the influence of the association; Fourthly, strengthen self-construction and improve the self-drive of the association. For grabbing the results, and actively explore, improve the service functions of the association, enriching the content of service, and establish and improve the association between enterprises and the social from all walks of life salon activity, provides the high-quality service platform, actively promote the communication between the enterprise and government, enterprise and enterprise communication, promote the exchange of mutual learning, cooperation, share the advanced management mode, practice common development and improve, Strive to make the work of the association develop on the original basis, and strive to build the association into a learning social group that "provides information, coordination, guidance, consultation, and service".


CBNT won the award of "Luoyang Advanced Foreign Trade Work Unit". In the future, CBNT will strive to do a good job in foreign trade business, build a diversified cooperation platform for enterprises, achieve win-win development, and achieve further achievements in 2022.