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CBNT Steel Furniture Make New Products For Children

2022-06-01  Tags:metal bookshelf, steel filing cabinet, steel cupboard, metal locker, steel file cabinet

CBNT Steel Furniture Makes New Products For Children


Children are the future of the country, are the hope of the nation, for all children to create a good family, society and learning environment, let them grow up healthy, happy, happy has always been the goal of efforts around the world, the annual "June 1 international children's day" was set up specifically for children. In order to protect the health of children, CBNT Steel Furniture Company is always dedicated to the production of "0 armor", the environmental health of steel household furniture, nearly two years on the product shape and constant innovation, meet the demand of most families use more and more.

Various types of products, color customization options, super scene matching, whether children's room, study, or restaurant, perfect fusion.

A grade cold rolled steel sheet, electrostatic powder spraying technology, after high temperature and high pressure, corrosion curing treatment, such as product hardness, thickness, wear resistance, moistureproof, are far from the supermarket most similar products.

Product design is contracted fashion, easy to set easy to install and use the form, namely environmental health.


Recently, CBNT Steel Furniture Company meet the market demand and will introduce the home&office printing filing cabinets.