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CBNT Movable Book Storage Filing Cabinet

2021-12-27  Tags:

The movable filing cabinet is a new type of equipment suitable for storing books, files, financial documents, and goods in the library reference room, archives room, and sample room of government agencies and enterprises. It has a large storage capacity, easy to use, space-saving, and has convenient management.




The advantages of a movable filing cabinet

1. Relatively small size, large storage space, and more transmission

2. Simple and flexible operation

3. Ensure file security

4. Space-saving, utilization rate up to 70%


Movable filing cabinet application range is very wide, organs and enterprises and institutions office, archives, sample room, library, archives, scientific research departments, medical system, courts, procuratorates, banks, large shopping malls, schools, and other places can see it.



Our craft

1. Multi-chain belt combination transmission device to ensure durability, easy and labor-saving, convenient access, high-quality hardware accessories, reduce maintenance trouble.

2. CNC laser row welding, uniform, and beautiful solder joints, parts by large rolling line, mold integrated molding, more firm. Shandong Guanzhou high-quality cold tie board, high flatness, good powder adhesion, strong load, can meet all kinds of storage needs.

3. Advanced large-scale spraying line, anti-rust process, firm coating, perennial fadeless surface fine texture, environmental protection, formaldehyde-free, multi-color appearance optional advantages.