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CBNT Lockers Are Suitable For Many Occasions

2022-02-07  Tags:

Locker is the classic style of steel furniture, large capacity storage space, personal privacy protection, and other advantages have been the reason for its high sales, and with multi-space scene versatile, favored by buyers.




The Details



Usage Scenario Display


The dressing room scene: With a combination lock, induction lock to enhance storage privacy; Color diversity, fashion matching, enhance the visual effect of space.



Classroom scene: zero formaldehyde, responsible for the health of teachers and students; Personal articles, books organized orderly, comfortable and beautiful environment.



Restaurant scene: staff canteen bowl storage, convenient and clean.


Office scene: strong privacy and storage of clothes and hats.


Home scene: electrostatic powder spraying technology, environmental protection, and pollution-free; Simple fashion items, small footprint, large storage space.