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CBNT | 2022 Year Working Conference

2022-05-06  Tags:steel filing cabinet, steel cabinet, metal locker, steel file cabinet

CBNT | 2022 Year Working Conference

In recent days, the Luoyang CBNT industrial group held a work conference in 2022, and the group headquarters and the subsidiary backbone representative participated in the meeting. The appointed file contains four agendas: read group, the group chairman's work report, read out the certificate of commendation and awards will be given to the file and, on behalf of the prize winners.

Group chairman Mr. James Su's ancestors living in the painting a new blueprint, open a new journey in the report pointed out that the sharp rise in sales in 2021, but a sharp fall in profits and volatile international situation, raw material freight rose sharply, the new crown epidemic factors such as repeatedly, has formed big scissors. In such a difficult external environment, the group companies, departments, and coagulation hearts meet force, resist risk, seek improvement in stability, and created a positive result.

In the previous year, the ministry of foreign trade, the domestic trade department, operations, and the sales department troika go hand in hand, to achieve the performance year-on-year growth. "Promote domestic trade, foreign trade, increasing investment in electronic commerce and network operations" sales strategies play a role in its stability. The utilization rate of equipment upgrade, the work efficiency, and a higher level; At the same time, strict on environmental safety, the escort for the production.

Chairman James Su said: in 2022, we will continue to strictly control the product quality, keep good quality of the lifeline; Increase in factory automation, intelligent control; The further development of network and e-commerce operations; Attaches great importance to the training and selection of young technical and management personnel; To strengthen the party and localities and other community work, etc. Unity, innovation, having the courage to sacrifice, open thinking, increasing earnings and practicing economy, seek improvement in stability, multi-industry simultaneously, build science, agriculture, industry and trade integration of specialization, the new group co., LTD.

We go through difficulties, in 2021, and 2022, we are more ways to go forward. A new era means a new mission, new ideas to establish a new goal, new bear show as, let us close around group new guiding ideology, the new development concept, new goals, shoulder to shoulder, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!