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Beautify your mood and improve your office efficiency

2020-02-22  Tags:computer desks,shelves,office cabinet

Beautify your mood and improve your office efficiency

When you enter the working state, the time is disillusioned by some messy office desktops. Studies have shown that a neat and pleasing office environment can improve office efficiency by 20%

How to optimize your office environment and kill bad moods?

1. Streamline your office and personal supplies

To carry out the organizing technique, the first point is to streamline your office supplies and personal items. For things you don’t use or rarely use, please remove them from your desk and office cabinet and place A place that doesn't take up space.

2. Desktop computers cannot be moved up and down to purchase high-end computer desks

Many office desktop computers cannot be moved up and down, which is not suitable for some people's cervical spine. Xiaobian recommends buying a suitable size computer desk, which can also free up some space when adjusting the height.

computer desks

3. Add some shelves to organize your products

There are a lot of items that can be placed on the dense rack, most of which can be scattered, such as office appliances, printing pads, etc. These can be placed. Besides, if it has drawers, the space in the drawers can also be used.

4. The file box must pay attention to the frequently used and pending files

The file box requires to place only the files to be processed and frequently processed. Because the file box is placed on the desktop, if the data that are not commonly used can be stowed entirely and do not take up too much space, it is necessary to clean your file box regularly. Oh!

5 Computer desktops and desks must only place files to be processed

The computer desktop is just as important as the desktop. That is, only the files to be processed are placed on the computer desktop. This is refreshing, and the ample space on the desktop puts timely processed data, which can improve your efficiency. It is more able to avoid the situation where you can't find the file and look around.

6, make good use of the office cabinet under the desk

Generally, a desk is always equipped with an office cabinet, so be sure to make good use of this office cabinet. In addition to placing your office bag and the like, the first floor can be used to place frequently used keys, meal cards, etc. The second layer can put your work files, and others are ~

office cabinet

7. Finally, placing green plants within the most frequent realization distance, green plants can change people's thinking habits, improve people's creativity, and let you have a good day.

8. Well, the day's work has ended easily and happily. The efficiency is excellent. You can have a better date at night. Of course, wine and foie gras are essential.