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Quality inspection

Since company established, we always insist on making furnitures with superior quality. From raw material treatment to loading, products have to go through 4 steps of strict quality checks.

Step 1 Pre-assembling before painting

In the sheet metal workshop, when sheet metal part is finished, QC department will assemble the metal parts and check size, edge,welding point,bending,integral assembly effect etc.

Step 2 Powder coating test

After panting,the painting group will check powder uniformity, surface flatness ,chromatic aberration etc. Unqualified parts will not have a chance to go to the next stage.

Step 3 Assembling before packing

After painting but before packing, QC department will assemble all the parts again to do the comprehensive inspection, including structure, size, accessories, color etc.

Step 4 Spot check in warehouse

Before loading, QC department will do the random inspection for the products in the warehouse, ensure the quality again before products leave factory.