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What are kitchen storage tips

2020-02-14  Tags:narrow kitchen drawers,storage for kitchen drawers,kitchen drawer systems

What are kitchen storage tips?


1.Hang up the utensils

Hang various utensils on the shook, just above the stove. You can use ordinary towels to dare to hang the pole, saving money. Put knives and other sharp tools in a stainless steel box. The box can be fixed on one side of the counter. If there are children in the house, the table is best placed inside the cabinet door.


2.Vertical storage plan

Lid clever storage: Separate various lids from the pot. Each pot lid is placed in a grid, which is easy to handle when using.


3.Utilities are stored in a queue

Install a small nail plate on the back panel, and hang all kinds of gadgets on it. If there are already other uses on the tailgate. Small nail boards can also be placed inside the cabinet door. Try to arrange the various appliances regularly. It will be wonderful.


4, pots and pans storage method

Kitchen utensils, small pots, etc. can be hung on a porcelain wall. The porcelain wall is more natural to fix the bracket and easy to clean.


5, bracket

If a wall or ceiling cannot be installed with a hanging bar or bracket, you can consider installing a pull-out hanging bar in the cabinet. It is used to hang spoons, ladle, and other utensils. for kitchen drawers

Divide the narrow kitchen drawers into several compartments for small kitchen utensils. Open the drawer and find what you want at a glance.

storage for kitchen drawers



The built-in cabinets and hanging rods significantly increase the storage space without adversely affecting the indoor ventilation.


8.Small tool storage

Smaller knives can be placed in a pull-out storage compartment under the countertop. Different knives in the storage compartment are placed on the knife holder to avoid accidentally injuring the user with the sharp blade.



A drawer can be placed under the built-in chopping board for the knives. The knife holder in the drawer is magnetic, which can effectively prevent the blade from sliding out of the drawer.


10.Mystery in the cabinet

Looking at it, it's just an ordinary cabinet. But these deep pull-out drawers do serve as a storage center for desserts. Cages, trays, bases, and shallow pans can all be stored in them. Wooden partitions make all plates clear.


Where can I use kitchen storage?


1. Around the sink

There are sewer pipes under the sink, and on average, many households will install waste processors or heat exchanger purifiers here. For families that do not have these appliances installed, use this space to put storage racks, and use a variety of kitchen supplies such as detergents, cleaning cloths, etc. The area above or beside the sink should also not be overhead and wasted. Especially some apartment designs nowadays are used to set the kitchen ventilation window opposite the sink.

If you think it's just a window, how else can you use it? Here you can also install a perforation-free telescopic rod and use it with a storage table to increase the storage space.


2. Kitchen drawer system

The kitchen drawer system in the kitchen is more valuable than the cabinet for storage. This is because the kitchen drawer system is provided in a sufficient position and has a large capacity, and various sundries can be contained therein.

However, the storage of kitchen drawers in the kitchen is also one of the most headaches for kitchen storage. This is because, during the use, the stored items are separated into the same ample space. It's not easy to find it. The purposeful division of the ample space embedded inside can make the purpose of storage more clear. All the large and small debris are reasonably classified according to the category they belong to so that not only the storage space inside the zipper looks more beautiful and tidy, but it is also very convenient to find.

storage of kitchen drawers


3. Cutting board with kitchen storage box

If you look closely, you will find that it is no different from an ordinary cutting board. The cutting board surface is also textured. Separate the white tray with the axial capacity below. This is the place for your cut vegetables and fruits. This design is indeed very intimate. Now that the living standards have improved, the dishes have become a whole, and the situation must have been chaotic. Fortunately, such a simple design has been well thought out. The hard-working "Chinese cook" thank you for this designer.


4, chopsticks tube cutlery box cutlery cage storage box

This kitchen storage box has a concave and convex design, which feels comfortable and increases friction. At the same time, the grip is not easy to slip. The drain design at the bottom allows the kitchen utensils such as chopsticks to dry quickly. Besides, the original unique colors are gorgeous, the appearance is generous, and the residual value is thick. It can store all kinds of chopsticks, spoons, cutlery, and other tableware. Porous products, irregular long and empty positions.