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Organizing Cabinets And Drawers To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

2020-02-19  Tags:organizing cabinets and drawers, organizing cabinets, cabinets and drawers

Cabinets are one of the most commonly used furniture in the house, as we keep  all kinds of items in this space. How long does it take you to clean up your  cabinets? I think it always takes one day organizing cabinets and drawers.

How to Organize Your Cabinets: Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

Before you start organizing your wardrobe, imagine the appliances you need  most in your daily life. It's important to know which materials are used less so  you can place them on top of your furniture. Want to know how to keep your  kitchen in order? In the kitchen, the arrangement of cabinets facilitates food  preparation services and makes cleaning easier. Plus, you can maintain your  kitchen faster and faster.

How to organize cabinets: organize drawers

Do you want to know how to clean your kitchen cabinets and still save space  and keep everything tidy and organized? The first thing you should do is remove  all objects and products inside the cabinet, including the drawer. Then wipe the  cabinet and wipe the vinegar with a damp cloth to prevent the spread of mold.  Open the cabinet doors and drawers to dry. In the meantime, separate all  appliances you don't use, throw them out or donate. You can use some materials  to organize matchboxes, candles, and other objects, such as cut glass bottles,  to pack such materials.

Organizes cabinets with drawers

How to repair your cabinet depends on the amount of utensils you have and the  space available, and it is important to rationalize your organization. Separate  according to the type of material such as plastic, tableware, cups, pans,  plates, baking pans, etc.

Examples of how to organize cabinets

A good example of organizing cabinets and drawers is to spread rubber fabric on the  shelves to protect the cabinet from scratches. You can organize your cabinets  starting from the drawer. Put in one of the drawers, cutlery such as fork,  knife, spoon, dessert spoon, coffee spoon and candy fork. In another drawer,  place utensils to prepare food, such as cutting knives, skimmers, shells,  etc.

Organizes kitchen cabinet with drawers

Cutlery needs to be organized and sorted according to function to save space  and make desktop storage more practical. You should keep your dishcloths, towels  and American games in separate drawers to make it easier to find the  tablecloth.

Leave a space in the cabinet for all plastic utensils, sinks, trays, bowls  and other utensils with and without lids. The drawer below the sink is ideal for  storing plastic.

How to organize cutlery in the cupboard: buy partitions to optimize space

For those who need to know how to place dishes in a cupboard, we will give  you some practical and practical tips. Pottery comes in several sizes and  shapes, and you must choose based on color and type of use. See the below  tips:

Separate the soleplate from the shoal;

Assorted dessert dishes;

Divide tableware for tea and coffee;

The dishes need to be stacked according to size;

If you have multiple dinner tableware, discharge the tableware according to  the pattern;

Choose a cabinet that fits all your dishes;

How to Organize Cookware in the Kitchen: Hanging and Decorating

There are several ways to organize pots and pans in the kitchen, such as  hanging them, placing them in a drawer, or even under a sink. The jars hanging  on the appropriate stands serve as a kitchen decoration. There are several types  of door cookers fixed to the ceiling, and you can hang them on the top of the  stove to complement the decoration. A pan suitable for a pane has a subdivision  of the shelf in the lid. How to cook pots in the kitchen can make everyday  activities easier, invest in a cabinet with internal partitions or a stand with  hooks and slide rails.

The sliding drawer helps to store pots and pans in the kitchen without taking  up too much space and preventing the lids from being stored separately.  Organizing cabinets and drawers takes time, and don't forget to spend a day  for this activity.