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Multi Drawer Storage Cabinet Sizes And Buying Tips

2020-02-18  Tags:multi drawer storage cabinet,tall storage cabinet with drawers

Multi drawer storage cabinet are very common in our lives, whether in the bedroom, living room or kitchen, you can see it, but when we buy drawer lockers, we must pay attention to tall storage cabinet with drawers size, so that we can use it more conveniently, then what is the drawer storage cabinet buying tips? How much is the size of the drawer storage cabinet?

The multi drawer storage cabinet purchase tips:

1. When you buy a restaurant locker, you must consider it according to your own needs, such as storage, partition, or decoration. If you need to store a large number of tableware, you must choose a functional locker with a lot of interiors. If you are decorating as a partition, then when buying restaurant lockers, try to design beautiful styles as much as possible.

2. Pay attention to the brand purchase of drawer storage cabinets to identify the products of the big brands. The drawer storage cabinets customized by big brand furniture companies have various styles and styles. They are divided into single-layer drawer cabinets, double-layer drawer cabinets, and three or more layers. Layer drawer cabinet, the number of drawer cabinets can be increased at will according to daily needs, and the design is very flexible. The style covers modern style, Korean style, European style, simple European style, classical style, Chinese style, etc., and can be well-matched with different home decoration styles. A suitable drawer cabinet can play an excellent decorative role in the room.

3. These accessories, such as slide rails are one of the parts that are prone to problems in daily life. When selecting a locker, you need carefully check a slide rail. You can choose accessories that are smooth, quiet during the push-pull process — small and long life. Excellent service is part of the value of the product. Consumers should also learn about the details of the after-sales service when purchasing lockers so that they can be reasonably resolved when problems arise.

Multi drawer storage cabinet size:

1. Before designing and making, we should first confirm the purpose of each drawer. It is mainly used to store what kind of items, such as dinner plates or condiments. Generally speaking, the standard size of the drawer is 300mm-1000mm, and it needs to use microscopic slides or horseback pumping. If the drawer size is a small drawer of 300 mm-700 mm, then the kitchen cabinet drawer can use ordinary three sections of slide rails. The width of the kitchen cabinet drawer is generally 400mm-700mm. This distance is usually the distance for home use. If it is less than 400 or more than 700, then the draw,er will be visually too small or large, it will look unsightly, and it will cost more — hardware accessories costs.

2. When designing cabinets, we will design U, L, and I-shaped cabinets according to the size of the kitchen. For different shapes of offices, their drawer sizes are also different. The drawer size of the U-shaped cabinet is relatively large, and the central drawer has a more elaborate design. Besides, the original height of the drawer is kept the same, and no changes will be made.