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Iron Cabinet Common Problem Summary and Processing Method

2020-02-10  Tags:iron leather ark,kitchen cabinet pullouts,cabinet drawer dividers,kitchen cabinet storage units

Iron cabinet common problem summary and processing method

Problem summary 1: the processing method that iron leather ark appears peculiar smell

What iron leather ark points to commonly is the cabinet that iron pledges or other material are united in matrimony, according to the difference of structure and use the function, also gave out a lot of types. A user to report to say to appear peculiar smell in cabinet recently, so today we give you detailed processing on this problem. There are the following kinds of a solution commonly.

1, With a clean cotton towel, folded neatly into kitchen cabinet pullouts, the beautiful holes on the sheet can absorb the smell in the office, after some time to take out the coat with warm water to wash, dry can be used.

2, Tea water, vegetable water to smell: with a clean, soft cloth dipped in tea water (or blanched vegetable water) wipe the cabinet, not only can make the smell of the furniture weakened, and can make the furniture surface become bright and not easy to take off the paint.

3, With gauze bag 50 grams of tea into the locker, after a month out in the sun exposure, and then put into the cabinet into the veil, repeated use can also remove the peculiar smell of the office.

4, Tao rice water to smell: take a soft cloth dipped in tao rice water, add a little white vinegar, wipe the surface of the cabinet also has a good effect.

Through the method that learns a few kinds of these to solve peculiar smell of iron ark, we learned a lot of small daily skill from this again, appear in our life as it frequently, the method that divides peculiar smell also becomes more useful subsequently, hope can be helpful to you in the future.

Problem summary 2: iron ark moistureproof smart move

Sometimes iron ark is placed for some time, the article inside can appear damp phenomenon, this disguised explained iron ark by moist "invaded," in order not to let the item inside appear wet phenomenon, what good, the clever moistureproof move is there?

1, Place some lime in the cabinet drawer dividers because quick lime can absorb moisture in the air, because this can use cloth or sack to wrap up quick lime to be placed in indoor everywhere, make indoor air maintains dry, this action is simple, secure, cheap, safe.

2, Hygroscopic box, iron ark dehumidification essential, more common hygroscopic products on the market, generally by calcium chloride particles as the main contents, most also added essence ingredients, so set dehumidifier, aromatic, anti-mildew, deodorant, and other functions into an organic whole, hygroscopic box for more wardrobe, shoe ark of moisture absorption, when using only need to add iron chest inside.

3, Moisture absorption, moisture absorption package principle, and hygroscopic box are similar. Still, the content is given priority to with water-absorbing resin, becomes jellylike after absorbed moisture, not accessible to shreds, using range and more extensive, in addition to the Anhui steel cabinet, clothing, leather goods, postage stamps, camera, piano, computer, audio equipment and so on all can find it help dehumidification if placed in airtight space, moisture absorption effect is better.

Problem summary 3: the smart move that the glass on iron cabinet maintains

Some kitchen cabinet storage units are to be able to contain glass. This is because of breed different, of manufacturer different, the product that produces indeed impossibly is absolute, how should we maintain to the glass on the cabinet so? Let's get to know each other, and it will be even more helpful next time.

1. Usually do not force a collision with the glass surface, in order to prevent the glass surface scratch, it is best to lay the tablecloth. Put on vitreous furniture when putting things, want light take light put, remember to collide.

2. When daily cleaning the iron cabinet, wipe it with a wet towel or newspaper. If the stain can be wiped with a cloth dipped in beer or warm vinegar, it is prohibited to clean it with a reliable solution of acid and alkali. Wipe the glass with a slightly damp old newspaper. When erasing had better be lest who knows up and down deleting, the other side just is left and right horizontal erasing, can discover the place that leakage erases more easily so.

3. Once the patterned frosted glass is dirty, you can occupy the toothbrush dipped in detergent and wipe it in circles along with the pattern. Besides, it also can drop kerosene on the glass or immerse in the water with chalk ash, and gesso powder besmears to go up on glass air, reoccupy clean cloth or cotton cloth is wiped so already clean and bright.

4. Vitreous furniture had better be placed in a more fixed place, do not move back and forth at will, iron ark puts things smoothly, heavy stuff should place vitreous furniture bottom, prevent furniture center of gravity from being caused unsteadily turn over.

5. Use plastic wrap and wet cloth with your friend's detergent to give glass, which is often smeared with oil, a second life. Above all, spray glass on cleanser comprehensively, stick on clingfilm, make solidified oily stain is softened, wait again after 10 minutes, tear the clingfilm of iron ark, it is ok with the wet cloth still. If there are notes on the glass, you can use rubber soaked friction, and then wipe with a damp cloth; If there is paint on glass, usable cotton dips in hot vinegar to scrub; Clean the glass with a dry cloth dipped in alcohol to make it as bright as crystal

In fact, the iron ark inside the office, we are impossible to achieve everyday wipe, so regular maintenance is essential. We must pay attention to the upkeep of the method