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Do you know the six maintenance methods of metal cabinets

2020-02-17  Tags:iron cabinet,three drawer metal cabinet,industrial tool storage cabinets

The reasonable use of the iron cabinet brought great convenience to our office. But, iron skin ark is steel after all, easy be affected by damp rust is unavoidable also, can change its service life; thereby, still can damage file data seriously. So, how does iron skin ark maintain daily to do? About the maintenance of tin cabinet and after the sale, tool ark custom manufacturer is to have the right to speak, will talk about a few attention points of tool ark daily use first. It is to raise above all, maintain iron leather ark regularly; the method of specific maintain cabinet has the following 6.

1. Alcohol wipe

Regular undertakes cleaning to the cabinet of three drawer metal cabinet when cleaning with soft dishcloth with the alcohol-water that had diluted undertakes to wipe, after dry thoroughly reoccupy household oil wax besmear brushes the surface, can keep the clean and ablaze of tool ark for a long time.

2. Dry cleaning and maintenance

The cabinet that bakes lacquer has touched dust easily, can undertake regular wipe with dry dishcloth so, reduced powder not only also can make tool ark is exclusive smooth and clean bright.

3. Stay away from water and reduce water exposure

Although industrial tool storage cabinets moistureproof waterproof performance is good, consider for sheet metal service life. In iron skin ark daily use, want to avoid the hand that takes water to access a document, the surface of cabinet body contacts moisture to produce oxidation quickly to cause rust to reduce service life thereby, and wet hand locates a record. Most document data are paper, be damaged soon after being touched with water.

4. Prevent track from foreign bodies

When filing cabinet is cleaned regularly, we can use a soft wet dishcloth to wipe first, use a dry dishcloth to wipe again. Such won't cause moisture to remain in filing cabinet surface, also avoided causing the problem of tin filing cabinet rust. To ark inside corner and track should undertake regularly clean, avoid to have a foreign body to remain to affect to use. Especially move door ark and roll door ark, must pay attention to the regularly clean track, keep track inside clean without the foreign body.

5. Store and store items gently

Handle office supplies gently when you access them. Open when closing the door also should pay attention not to move not to be too big, violent switch, time became long can bring about ark door looseness to affect the service life. Avoid sharp instruments to a scratch file cabinet, want to be careful not to make sharp implement and file cabinet contact. Once scratch, the protective layer film that can destroy cabinet body surface, cause surface rust easily, and affect beautiful.

6. Place the dehumidifier bag in the cabinet

If indoor humidity is more substantial, it can be placed in the corner of the cabinet dehumidification package. Achieve dehumidification effect, keep cabinet space dry.