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Different Types Of Narrow Cabinet With Drawers Slides And Installation Precautions

2020-02-11  Tags:narrow cabinet with drawers,kitchen cabinet drawer slides

Different types and installation considerations of narrow cabinet with drawers for furniture and kitchen cabinets during a home renovation. Introduction Every family will have drawers. Drawers are indispensable in living room TV cabinets, kitchen cabinet drawer slides, and bedroom bedside tables. The drawer or cabinet board is a hardware connection component for moving in and out. The slide rail is suitable for the connection of cabinets, furniture, document cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and other wooden and steel drawers.

The real storage master considers the details of the storage are only thorough! Especially this design of the kitchen and toilet likes to put drawers in the bathroom cabinets and cabinets to the bottom!

Store some individual daily necessities:

There are always things on the countertop that take up space in the home, and they look messy in the storage cabinet, such as chopsticks and spoons commonly used in the kitchen, hairdryers and curling irons widely used in the bathroom. The drawer, in the end, can solve the storage problem of these individual household items!

Land-saving storage space doubled.

It is sandwiched between bathroom cabinets and cabinets, and a vertical column is less than 10 cm wide, but the storage capacity is doubled. Instead of blindly making a cabinet, a few more such vertical drawer cabinets seem more practical!

Besides, the different types of drawers and installation precautions for furniture and kitchen cabinets during home renovation are introduced.

Classification of drawer slides:

1. Roller-type drawer slides These slides have been around for a long time. They are the first generation of silent drawer slides. At present, they have been gradually replaced by steel ball slides in the new generation of furniture. The structure of the roller slide is relatively simple, consisting of one pulley and two tracks, which can meets the daily push and pull needs, but it has the inadequate load-bearing capacity and does not have to buffer and rebound functions. It is commonly used on computer keyboard drawers and light drawers.

2. Steel Ball Drawer Slide Rails Steel ball slide rails are two-section and three-section metal slide rails. The more common is the structure installed on the side of the drawer. The installation is more straightforward and saves space. Good-quality steel ball slide rails can ensure smooth sliding and large load-bearing capacity. Such slide rails can have the functions of buffering closing or pressing rebound. In modern furniture, steel ball slide are gradually replacing roller-type slides and become the main force of current furniture slides.

3. Gear-type riding rails. These types of slide rails are hidden rails, riding tracks, and other types of tracks. They are medium-to-high-end rails. The gear structure is used to make the rails very smooth and synchronized. The railroad also has the function of buffering closing or press-bounce opening. It is mostly used for high-end furniture. Due to its high price and rare in modern furniture, it is not as popular as steel ball slides. Such slides are the future trend.

How to install the drawer slide:

1. Assemble the five plates of the drawer first, screw on the screws, the drawer panel has a slot, and there are two small holes in the middle for installing handles.

2. To install the drawer slide rails, the rails need to be disassembled first, narrowly installed on the side panels of the drawers, and wide on the cabinet. During installation, the slide rails are below the drawer side panel, and the front is in front of the drawer side panel. We need to distinguish between before and after.

3. Install the cabinet. First, screw the white plastic holes on the side panel of the office, and then install the full rails removed above. One slide rail is fixed with two small screws, one behind the other. Both side of the cabinet must be installed and repaired.