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Convenient And Practical Narrow Kitchen Drawers Double Your Kitchen Storage

2020-02-05  Tags:narrow kitchen drawers,kitchen drawers

The kitchen is not only a place to create delicious food, but also a center  of home, a sanctuary for healing. In the aroma of cooking and the temperature of  fireworks, no matter how irritable you can be slowly smoothed. However, such an  important place is always messy.


When we decorate the kitchen, the cabinet can be equipped with several narrow kitchen drawers and pull baskets. The drawers should be equipped with some storage tools  to increase storage space, which is convenient and practical.


Although most of the kitchen area is occupied by storage cabinets, there will  inevitably be some storage spaces that are not fully utilized, such as the space  under the sink. Generally, this position will be covered by two flat doors, in  fact, there really can't store anything. Therefore, the drawer underneath the  space under the sink doubles the storage power instantly.



Usually, some shelves or storage boxes are used to store things under the  sink, but those are too rude compared to drawers. Moreover, the positions on  both sides of the sink are not used, which is wasteful. And the design of the  drawer, both in appearance and internal, is very advanced, and the design of the  upper and lower drawers can also enhance the storage capacity.


The design of the drawer should also be customized according to the size of  the sink. Some sinks are larger and the sinking size is more. Therefore, the two  sides are used as parallel storage slots, and some cleaning appliances can be  placed inside.


It can also be designed as a u-shaped drawer to increase the storage space at  the drawer door, which is more suitable for small sinks. Many people feel that  it is necessary to care about this. The space next to the sink is too small, and  the drawer is a bit too large to be useful. In fact, we want to increase the  storage capacity, which is to squeeze space in a limited space.


Although the storage space above is small, these small places can completely  store various cleaning utensils in the kitchen. Do not underestimate any space.  The narrow kitchen drawers below can hold some normal items, as long as the  drain pipe Avoid the location.



Not only the kitchen sink can be designed like this, but the bathroom sink  can also be designed like this. Although the two are not in the same area, the  functions are the same.


The space under the wash basin in the bathroom is relatively large, because  generally the sink sink location is not deep. As long as the location of the  sewer pipe is avoided, a large drawer with full storage capacity can be made.  This design is much more convenient than a casement door. One of them is layered  placement. It is also very convenient to take and reset the items. At the same  time, it can prevent the sewer pipe from breaking and prevent water from  overflowing.


The drawer under the sink is much more practical than a hinged door,  especially for small kitchens or bathrooms. With this design, the storage  capacity is more than doubled, and it is very convenient to pick up things  without taking them out.