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The Difference Between The Hand Compact Shelving And The Dense Cabinet
Mar 30, 2017

In the office, whether it is the work of the document or company information or employees of the file, need to be sorted out to sort out, this time many companies have chosen as a storage assistant. In addition, there are many companies need intensive cabinets, in fact, dense shelves and intensive cabinets are a class of office furniture, then what is the difference?


Often, in life, the concept of both dense and dense cabinets has been confused, and most of them will be identified as the same type of office furniture. But in fact, in fact, the two still have a big difference, in fact, the so-called secret shelves, in fact, the last frame to determine the form of the show should belong to the kind of open. And usually the cabinet is mostly closed, so the internal cabinet will naturally be closed.

Not just the form, of course, its appearance. So it can be said that any company to purchase information to load documents and other documents, to find out whether they want to be open, a presentation, or closed, so you can choose the appropriate intensive file equipment.


What are the advantages of manual shelves? In the case of information on the company's business, information about the company's employees, information on personnel management, etc., the size of the information is particularly large, the traditional wooden or cabinet is completely unable to meet the demand, but also in the management may also bring Management of the many inconvenience, the use of manual shelves on a very good solution to this problem! Manual shelves in the time to pick up, according to the need to shake the body frame, according to the different weight, you can shake together in groups, you can also group a group of shaking to the desired position, no matter which, are particularly clear and Convenience. There are many types of shelves, and they can be classified according to the operation of the manager, one is manual and the other is the smart secret. With a large storage capacity, structured, systematic characteristics, but also based on a more scientific, more reasonable, flexible and stable. So a lot of time, for the current multi-shelf is more from the customer management point of view, it is more humane, more standardized.