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Standard For Installation Of Steel Cabinet Doors
Apr 24, 2017

Metal filing cabinets is used to store documents, made of wood or steel plate. Steel file cabinets for more security, fire prevention, corrosion and wear resistance, are common and generally in the office. Want to share with you today is very details on metal filing cabinets: cupboard door. Manufacturers want to ensure that produced the file cabinet quality qualified, you need to conform to a standard production installation, to prevent unqualified products production, cupboard door production installation is one of the pieces.


Such as, cupboard door shaft fixed position to put correct and installation is firm, partial position, cupboard door is bad or not. Ark shake handshandle should be at the same level, except for special design. Cupboard door height should agree, when installation should correspond to each other. Installation platform should have a security device, so as not to scratch the surface of the office filing cabinet.


Second, the cupboard door surface must be polished polishing metal filing cabinets, the use of electrostatic spraying, no obvious external defects. The armrest of filing cabinets on cupboard door parts, to confirm the appearance in good condition. Now on the market the latest is aluminum alloy clasp hands, plastic clasp hands to be being washed out gradually, because aluminum alloy clasp hands more solid, has the certain strength, appearance is more beautiful. File cabinet door of cupboard of uniform surface is smooth, no obvious traces of concave and convex, and there is no crack and shrinkage hole surface also. And junction parts surface should be smooth level off, at the same time, quality and firm, coating, surface can't have any traces of bruising and scratch. Due to the cupboard door is a place where people often come into contact with, so the surface must be fine polishing, remove the sharp corners and burrs.


Choosing metal filing cabinets, depends on whether the tank wall thickness, welding, the thickness of the thick filing cabinets, the more firmly. The importance of considering the file if the file information is very important, so choose to contain anti-theft functions, combination of the electronic confidential cabinet more appropriate. Commonly used ordinary data files, common office filing cabinets can be satisfied.