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How Should The Color Of The Book Shelf Selected?
Oct 26, 2017

In our impression, the bookstore in the Book Shelf color seems to be all the same, if it is iron Book Shelf, then the general will be blue, and if it is solid wood Book Shelf, then the general are primary colors. Other color bookshelves, seems to have rarely seen. Yes, blue and primary colors are the most widely used in the bookstore two colors, which has a certain reason.

Talking about iron Book Shelf. These Book Shelf are made of paint, and the color is generally blue. This is mainly blue is a relatively quiet but not low color. In the bookstore environment, people need to be quiet, but also need to calm down to study well. So you need a relatively quiet color to present in front of them. At the same time blue is not a dazzling color, this will not affect everyone's attention. This is why the Book Shelf is blue.

Say the wood color Book Shelf. Many people have a soft spot for the logs, including our furniture and many are also woody. The main reason for this is that the first is easy to clean up. The surface of the wooden bookcase is relatively smooth, the library Book Shelf and more, and need to keep clean. So I chose the wood color Book Shelf. On the other hand is derived from people for this color favorite. According to people's preferences with such Book Shelf, itself is a means of promotion.