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File Cabinet Color Is Relatively Light
Oct 27, 2017

As the name suggests is used to place documents, information, etc. cabinet, file cabinet form is more, it has a lot of types, a wooden cabinet, a commoner cabinets and so on.

The characteristics of the file cabinet:

1, in general, the file cabinet is relatively light, strong, Filing Cabinet can be easily placed mobile, unlike the same wardrobe is dead, is not easy to move.

2, the price of the file cabinet is more economical and reasonable, and is more environmentally friendly, can be repeated use, life is relatively long

3, we have a file cabinet, the office is more convenient, Filing Cabinet and can improve our work efficiency

4, the color of the file cabinet is relatively light, comfortable and refreshing, and feel it is generous.

5, the file cabinet capacity is relatively large, but the volume is relatively small, do not occupy the area

6, the current file cabinet can be combined, can be assembled, Filing Cabinet easy handling and office.

7, the file cabinet is made of metal, so life is relatively long, but also easier to maintain

8, the file cabinet door is free to choose their own, there are glass doors, drawers, mobile doors, we can choose according to their own choice.

9, file cabinet is relatively no need to install, can be used directly, Filing Cabinet so that is more convenient, suitable for our now fast way of life.

File cabinet processing requirements: 1, processing and manufacturing requirements

All sheet and pipe processing parts, polished after processing burr, no cracks and scars. All welded firmly, weld marks smooth, smooth.

2, manufacturing tolerance requirements

After each group of assembly, the outline size (length and width) limit deviation of 2mm. Inclination of not more than 3mm. Interstage gaps are consistent, the gap should be 1-2mm.

3, surface treatment requirements

(Through the ISO9001 quality system and ISO4001 environmental protection system logo certification), and designated a strict surface treatment process, the specific operation of the process are as follows: the use of environmentally friendly plastic powder, Hot water off fat -> cold water - neutralization - thermal phosphating treatment - cold water cleaning - heat passivation - powder - curing, and the use of today's popular international matt treatment, beautiful luxury, solid surface, strong adhesion The

4, appearance requirements

(1) filing cabinets, steel filing cabinets, intensive cabinets, wardrobe, filing cabinet parts, assembly, smooth surface, smooth.

(2) color according to the contract requirements, Filing Cabinet the same surface color, paint are smooth, no scratches.

File cabinet spray quality control standards:

(1) degreasing, rust treatment process:

A, the surface of the workpiece oil, rust and oxide layer, the chemical method to remove the degreasing, there should be no grease, floating fluid and other dirt, the surface should be completely wet water.

B, pickled after the workpiece, there should be no visible visible oxide, Filing Cabinet rust and other corrosion phenomena, the surface should be basically uniform color.

(2) Phosphating treatment process:

A, phosphating treatment is mainly carried out by cleaning method.

B, phosphating treatment of calcium and calcium dihydrogen phosphate as the main component of the solution, the preparation of phosphating bath, adjust, according to the process requirements.

C, after the phosphating of the workpiece, should be used to thoroughly clean the flow of water to improve the quality of the workpiece surface cleaning, while the use of hot chromic acid solution for closed treatment.

D, the workpiece by phosphating, washed, Filing Cabinet the use of drying machine can be sprayed after drying.

E, after the phosphating treatment of the workpiece and spray time is generally not more than 24 hours.