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Drawer File Cabinet For A Wide Range Of Occasions
Oct 27, 2017

Drawer file cabinet for a wide range of occasions

Drawer file cabinet, to accommodate a large number of folders and information, but also for different categories, so when looking for documents will be a lot easier, Drawer Filing Cabinet  so that our work more handy, methodical.

The functional characteristics of the drawer file cabinet:

1, drawer file cabinet suitable for classification of various types of documents, A4 paper files, intensive documents, bills, receipts, stationery and other finishing storage.

2, but also in the drawer file cabinet drawer front attached to the color label card, can be marked with the file stored in the file, information and other names, classified storage management, Drawer Filing Cabinet  improve work efficiency.

3, drawer file cabinet for the occasion: suitable for service companies, factories, schools, all kinds of training institutions, hospitals, banks and government agencies and other staff of the staff placed or stored documents.

Drawer file cabinet it is divided into different storage grid, Drawer Filing Cabinet  you can better sort out our information files, storage, use and more convenient. Now the drawer file cabinet style or a lot, and the production of the material is also different.

Drawer type file cabinet is solid wood

First of all we see this is a solid wood material drawer file cabinet, which uses a high-quality Paulownia wood made of its bright color, and his breathable performance, with the characteristics of moisture-proof moth, as well as Wear and not easy to deformation characteristics, Drawer Filing Cabinet  the overall more solid. The entire surface of the drawer cabinet is polished very smooth, the corner is also very smooth, so you use more secure. Each of the lockers of the drawer cabinet is a lock design that allows you to store the information in it and to be safer.

Drawer type file cabinet of plastic

Drawer file cabinet is a plastic material, beautiful appearance, looks even more fashionable. This drawer file cabinet it is made of high quality plastic material made, Drawer Filing Cabinet  it is no smell, color is more bright, and more solid and solid. The drawer design of this drawer is the use of the embedded landslide track drawer, push and pull more smooth, comfortable handle design allows you to use and more convenient.

Drawer type file cabinet of aluminum alloy

Drawer file cabinet is made of aluminum alloy material, and its overall design simple and generous, drawer file cabinet is made of high quality aluminum alloy made of its smooth surface smooth, the overall more rigid and hard, and not easy Deformation, more durable, its drawer is used in the embedded landslide track drawer, Drawer Filing Cabinet  push and pull more convenient. There are also anti-skid pad design, can be placed in the desk table or a number of stacked, will not fall, the use of more secure.

Drawer type file cabinet other

Drawer file cabinet or plastic material, this drawer file cabinet it uses a new engineering plastics production layer, no smell, the overall more durable. Drawer file cabinet drawer design seamless fit, Drawer Filing Cabinet  push and pull more smooth, even if the multi-layer will not fall, the use of more safe and convenient, each grid drawer above there are classification label design, so you can classify the data management, Find.